Custom Shape / Custom Shapes Display

If you want to use your own custom stress shape to make your event special.You are in the right place.The bespoke stress shape is your exclusive product,and we never release to third party unless get your permittance.At the same time,we STRONGLY recommend to engrave the mark on your own antistress stress relief.

The minimum quantity for the custom shape only 1000 pieces,and there are main three steps as below.

First Step: 3D Wax Model

Processing Time: 4-6 days

The Client: provide us the images/designs of the product or send us the item for reference.

Prime Green:

  1. Sculpt the clay mould according to the design and modify until your satisfaction.
  2. Design “Colour Visual” per approved 3D wax model
  3. Design “Print Visual” per approved 3D wax model

Second Step: Pre Production Sample

Processing Time: 13-16 days

Prime Green: proceed to Pre Production Sample after have your approval of 3D wax model,and when samples ready,we will take high resolution photos for email check or send samples for actual check.

The Client: could choose which way to approve the pre production sample, by photos or by actual check.

Tips: If there is enough time,we STRONGLY suggest to approve sample by actual check.Furthermore,we suggest the client check actual samples for the complicated shape,even if the client choose photos approval.

Third Step: Mass Production

Processing Time: 23 days for 1000 pcs.

Prime Green: Proceed to mass production after approval of pre production sample.

Custom Shapes Display

Stress Stoma

The custom stress stoma is produced for a hospital school and teach the students how

Rocket Keychain

The rocket spacecraft keychain is created for a Space Exploration Company,with client’s Pantone match and

Bespoke Rhino Mascot

The rhino mascot is produced per requested Pantone colours and logos.We can creat and design

Pickup Truck

The pickup custom stress ball was moulded with the scale of real pickup,with pantone match

New Player

The new player is made for the SIEMENS company and with vivid branding imprint.This imprint

Genesig Stress Ball

The colour of this bespoke stress shape was Pantone match silver,and the top side was

Frog Lift

The size of this bespoke Frog Lift shape is 100 x 100 x 100mm,and has

Cute Figure

It looks so cute for this custom stress shape,it doesn’t have the logo imprint,but you

ERM Bottle

The bottle is designed for European Commission.If you want to creat your own bottle shape,please